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Sweet Magnolia is an all natural skin care brand. 
All of our products are made from natural ingredients and do not include any harmful substances that alter the state of any of the natural ingredients.

What to expect with natural ingredients?

  •  Expect to have healthy skin with a host of          benefits: such as smooth, hydrated, moisturized, even skin.


  •  Expect your natural products to behave as           natural products.


  • What does that mean? Although there are ingredients added to most products to keep them from melting,liquefying, or hardening , extreme heat or coldness can cause this to happen.
  • How do I solve that? If your product has melted or liquified you can sit it out in a room temperature area to solidify. If it has frozen you can warm it in a warm bowl of water until it reaches its original consistency.

Sweet Magnolia uses natural herbs abs botanicals as active abs decorative ingredients. 

  • This is not “grass”, flowers , insects, etc. All ingredients are naturally sourced and quality checked during our inspection process.